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“Workers Resource Center(s)” in the areas of Jersey City, Bronx, Brooklyn, Harlem, Queens, New York City, Nassau County, Suffolk County.
Workers Resource Center is the Employee Backup, a just in case you are not able to make it to the next paycheck or fired, laid off, etc.
Workers Resource Center – Services include: Computers, referral services, searching the database of programs, benefits and jobs, or speaking to one of the knowledgeable resource representatives. All services are FREE and include:
  • Social Support – Emergency Housing, Transportation
  • Department of Social Service Assistance
  • Economic – Financial Literacy, Housing/Homeowners Assistance, Business Planning & Funding
  • Health & Wellness – Assistance with Medical Needs,
  • Nutrition Assistance, Food Pantry, and more
  • Workforce Development – Job Training & Placement,
  • Career Counseling, Resume Writing
  • Education – Academic enrichment, language support services
  • Child Care Assistance

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