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Job & Career Fairs, Watch for dates and Times

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What to do BEFORE Job Fairs / Interviews

  • Dress for success! Pick your clothes day before make sure the are comfortable and presentable.
  • Bring several (20) copies of your resume.
  • Practice your 20-30 second elevator speech (tell them about your skills).
  • Plan child care in advance (if needed).
  • Research company websites (if you know the participating companies).
  • Confirm address and directions of interview and/or job fair.
  • Set your alarm to wake you up early to get to your interview / job fair on time.

What to do AT the Job Fairs / Interviews

  • Arrive during the first half of the event. Why? because some employers may leave early.
  • Turn off your cell phone.
  • Be polite to everyone.
  • Look directly at interviewer and maintain good eye contact.
  • Repeat and write down the recruiter’s (employer representative) name during the conversation.
  • Ask recruiters for their business cards.
  • Hand recruiters your resume.
  • Take notes. Your notes will remind you of important information after the event.
  • Maintain a professional demeanor.
  • Ask intelligent and appropriate questions.
  • Smile and shake hands with interviewer &  each new recruiter you approach.
  • Be confident.


  • Argue with Interviewer  / Representative
  • Wear jeans, club or party attire
  • Exaggerate your skills, knowledge or experience.
  • Ask employers, “Do you have any jobs?”
  • Talk negatively about former employers.
  • “Drop off” your resume. Take time to speak to representative / interviewer.
  • Chewing gum.
  • Words like, “ummm” or, “ya know.”
  • Interrupt a recruiter’s conversation while someone is talking with them. Wait your turn.
What to do after Job Fairs / Interview
  • Follow up. Contact the Interviewer / Recruiter by email, send your resume or submit application online.


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