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“Support Is Our Middle Name”.

ORGANIZATION – Workers Society, Inc. –  501 (c)(3) Not for profit organization formed for the charitable purpose of aiding Workers, Employees, Entrepreneurs, Self-employed, Military & Young people, Employed in the United States that are in need of food, clothing, shelter, health care, health insurance, education and jobs. Our mission is to provide the tools to help strengthen and sustain the lives of Workers in need while raising awareness through community initiatives.

MISSION:  Provide tools to assist Young People & Adults in improving their Lives, including Health, Fitness and Family.

Tax id#90-0869249 – Workers Society, Inc.

HISTORY: Workers Society was created 2012 from the experiences of working people denied / don’t qualify for public assistance by agencies because they work full time jobs.

New York State Charities Bureau Id# 44-92-43 – Workers Society, Inc.

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